Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh, Hail.

View out the back kitchen door.

Ah, the joys of springtime. Saturday evening, April 28 2012, about 8PM. The very beginning of Kentucky Derby week, when everyone has their homes and gardens spiffed up and ready for "showtime"...
It should still be light outside, by the way.
And there should not be balls of ice falling from the sky.
Just sayin'.

View out the front door. 

It sounded like golf balls on the roof... and we were worried that we'd lose a window or two on the West side of the house (luckily, they held).

Both our vehicles are now sporting dimples... and we'll be having a roof inspection done, just in case.
In the garden, peonies and iris took the worst hit; luckily, they have more buds yet to open. The pale-blue clusters of Blue Star (Amsonia) blooms are just shattered. All through the neighborhood, it looks like the beginning of fall - leaves all over the yards - except that the fallen leaves are all green.

Our  neighbor across the street used his leaf-blower to clear all his leaves INTO the street, just like he does every fall. Passing cars blow them into everyone else's yard. 
What a sweetheart. ;)

Some of the bigger hailstones. Yes, these are single hailstones.

Only one thing to say... Oh, Hail. 

Grab the pruners, Say Calm And Carry On! 

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